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Font Design, Campaign, Editorial
Connor Lyon
Spekta is an unorthodox Neo-Grotesk typeface devoted to versatility and beauty. Originally designed as an all-caps display typeface influenced by Bauhaus and early grotesque forms, Spekta switched priorities and evolved into a well-equipped 8-weight workhorse boasting 667 characters and italics to boot.

Spekta’s focus on condensed forms and a greater x-height and cap height difference compared to typical Grotesque types allows for increased legibility at smaller sizes while utilising less horizontal space. Despite this, Spekta respects its display-type roots with elegant forms influenced by a mix of early and modernGrotesque typeface and countless trial-and-error. Additionally, two sets of diacritics (marks such as acutes, graves, circumflexes, and so on) have been designed to further improve readability and reading flow, an atypical feature for most typefaces.

In addition to the design of the typeface, a specimen book and website were created ready for its release on March 9th 2022.
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Title image page for the Spekta typefaceA description image page introducing the details of SpektaA design showing all the weights and styles of the Spekta typefaceA design showcasing numbers, dates, and how place names look in the typeface3 pages overlayed horizontally, the first showing multiple letter options, the second showing the typeface in large text, and the third showing the typeface in normal text An editorial-like design showcasing the typefaces flexibility6 paragraphs showing how the typeface looks at different sizesA page design showcasing all the opentype features of the typeface, along and showing small details at a large sizeA page showing all types of number optionsA made-up design showing how Spekta would look in a news / financial website setting2 flat-illustration renders of perfume bottles, with a very minimal design showcasing SpektaLatitude and longitude co-ordinates for Hell, a village in Norway — showing off the weights of SpektaA glyph map of every letter, number, symbol and punctuation of Spekta — a total of 667Final design page — Spekta is available at Supply.Family
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