Connor Lyon is a UK-based brand and font designer. Operating remotely for over 5-years, he has served clients internationally in sectors such as fashion, technology, e-commerce, healthcare, and more. History, philosophy and design hold a special place in his heart — as does lemon meringue pie.

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Wales, UK

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Bryant Ulrich
Co-Founder, Trust Accelerator
From prompt and efficient communication to art direction and always nailing design deadlines, Connor has helped us grow and treats our client work as his own. His attention to detail and articulate designs are top-notch - couldn’t do what we do without him.
Julia Munday
Former Brand Director, BSO
Connor excelled at multiple creative touch-points of BSO’s rebrand journey for our fast-paced international marketing department. He was our primary freelance creative contact and proved himself to be highly reliable time after time. Connor is a fantastic individual to work with, he has great attention to detail, is inquisitive, and motivated. I highly recommend him to any future organisations looking for a creative partner to collaborate with.
Conor McNamara
Head of Marketing, GEEIQ
Connor took our mission and values and translated that into a succinct, future-proofed brand identity that has been received well by both our team and investors. Connor understood what we needed, communicated his process well, and ensured the brand could easily be adopted by our in-house marketing team.
Alex Light
Commercial Director, Evident
I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Connor across a number of projects now. He always brings significant value to the table and positively challenges the creative direction, which ultimately means the result exceeds expectation. Connor is great fun, professional, timely and is very much seen as a valued member of the team. I’d recommend Connor to anyone looking to elevate their digital design.
Oliver Cummins
Associate Partner, Voyage
Our team has been thoroughly pleased by the process of working with Connor. His communication has been prompt, his approach has been guided by expertise and a willingness to listen, and the quality of his designs has been exceptional.
Stewart Ainslie
Co-Founder, Don't Walk
If you're looking for a creative partner who excels in remote working then look no further. We've been throughly impressed with his work ethic, attention to detail and communication. He is a steady pair of hands, which might sound dull but which means the world to us. Connor has a good head for budgets, a good understanding of the briefing process and always deliver to deadlines.
Jack Butcher
Founder, Visualise Value & Opponent
Connor has been a huge asset to our business - in helping us craft and launch brands from scratch, and delivering on spec for established Fortune 500 companies. He’s efficient, reliable and honest. I’d recommend him for a job done right.
Kariena Sonnee
Managing Director, EmpireOptix
Connor has been a valuable member of our team at EmpireOptix. He brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table, and his design work has helped us attract more clients and increase our business. He truly has a talent for both design and business strategy.
Tobias Peil
3D Motion Designer, Freelance
Connor’s iterative process makes it bullet-proof that you will land on a brand you love. He understood the terminology and vision I had for my personal brand, lead me through the phases of his workflow and made sure I felt good about the project and constantly worked with the feedback I threw at him.
Tony Banta
Managing Partner, Venture Greatly
Connor is the best! ... when we want to go a few levels deeper to identify the identity of a new brand, we seek out Connor. He is willing (and capable) of digging into the aspirational goals of the team, brand, and the market. That’s been powerful for us.
Kevin Gordon
President & CEO, Pinnacle Brand Group
Connor brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table, helping us to create brands and designs that break through the noise. Bringing a vision to life is no easy task, but Connor seems to be just the guy to pull it off.

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