Pinnacle Brand Group
2021 – 2022

Evolving the Shoe Brand Portfolio

Pinnacle Brand Group boots leaning against the tire of a fiery orange Ford Mustang
E-commerce, Branding, Graphic Design, Design Direction
Connor Lyon
Pinnacle Brand Group (PBG) is a shoe brand company, based in San Diego, CA, with over 20 brands in its portfolio — names such as Crosby Square, Blake McKay and Gordon Rush.

PBG came to me seeking help across their portfolio with design, direction and brand identity creation. To date, I’ve worked with the partners and founders to create 4 identities, direct their marketing emails, Amazon product pages, refine existing brand identities, product staging, and have explored new visual design directions.

I am not responsible for any photography or website direction, or for the brand identities of Gordon Rush and Blake McKay.  I am, however, responsible for all design choices in the following pages of selected works.
Editorial photo of a man slightly adjusting his brogue shoes from the knee downA editorial layout design9 Design layouts from multiple presentation decks
Pinnacle Brand Group boots leaning against the tire of a fiery orange Ford Mustang
The Dunross & Sons lion logomark

Connor brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table, helping us to create brands and designs that break through the noise. Bringing a vision to life is no easy task, but Connor seems to be just the guy to pull it off.

Kevin Gordon
President & CEO, Pinnacle Brand Group
Focused photo Pinnacle Brand Group shoes from the leg downDesigns from the Dunross & Sons booklet
Modern Fiction Chelsea boot on a white plinth
Modern Fiction slip-on shoe on a white plinth
A design sketch for a shoe with annotations
Editorial photo of Blake McKay sneakers
6 designs for an Amazon product page
The shoe box packaging designs for Dunross & Sons shoesA man sitting relaxed wearing Blake McKay shoes9 pages from competitor research for Pinnacle Brand Group
3 floating shoes on a white background
Dunross & Sons booklets on a chair

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