Connor Lyon works with troublemakers & visionaries, designing brands and products that strike and connect.



Mortar&Pestle is a proudly Welsh restaurant serving premium locally sourced food to mid-class foodies. With a focus on sustainability, M&P aims to bridge the gap between quality food and humble origins.

Prime Optixs

Prime Optixs — Helping you look forward. With their recent decision to setup shop in 2018, Prime Optixs came to us in need of a brand that reflected the clarity of their products and inspired adventure.


Opponent Marketing

Looking for marketing direction, Opponent approached me with the idea of designing posters and social media content, focused on a set of core principles, to educate and inspire their clients.

We Should Create

We Should Create is a product photography and video production company. Ready and raring to go, they wanted a brand identity that showcased their bold, colourful work while communicating clearly.


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Design Experiments

A mixture of fun, personal, and experimental. A series of designs created to challenge myself, to get me thinking and trying new things, but ultimately to have fun doing what I love.

36 Days Of Type

36 days of type is an annual challenge that invites designers and illustrators to craft a typographical design everyday for 36 days to encompass every number, and letter of the alphabet.


Concentric Creative

Concentric Creative is a content production and strategy company helping NGOs and tech companies achieve their goals. Bold, vibrant, and energetic, Concentric’s brand lives up to their 'work hard play hard' mantra.

Amazon Fresh D&AD 2017

As part of the D&AD New Blood 2017 competition, Amazon asked for a new identity and advertisement campaign for their grocery service Amazon Fresh.