Hi, I’m Connor Lyon, a UK based designer & director who works with troublemakers & visionaries, designing brands and products that strike and connect.

I’ve been working with incredibly ambitious, talented designers and branding studios right from the start, designing identities and compelling solutions to complex problems.



Brand Design
Logo Design
Brand Strategy

Art Direction
Campaign Design
Editorial Design
Type Design



To create a better world / To help others / To express myself / To feel like I’ve done something worthy with my time / To work and travel / To not be stagnant / To learn, experience, and improve / To meet new people / For the thrill of making something bad-ass / To fix the broken / To create positive change / To feel needed and of value / To not be in crippling debt / To not work the same job, every day, for the rest of my life / To afford a life which allows me to eat healthy, to live freely, and live well / To say “Look, I did that!” / For the joy of creating things / To be a role model to my little sisters and my future children.



As lovely as fancy studios are, they are not necessary. Thanks to this new digital age that we live in, I work remotely and like to chat over a coffee either locally or through video calls. This allows me to keep costs down and focus on creating compelling work for you.



Seek to better yourself through challenges, knowledge, and experiences. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.

Honesty & Transparency
Be open, be honest, and be human. False personas are just another way to escape from the truth. Accept and understand personal faults, they shape who you are.

Do What You Love
The jobs best done are the ones most loved. Spend your time on what you love for the sake of both happiness and efficiency.

Failure = Success
Forget the fear of failure. Without it, Disney would never have been founded, the lightbulb would never have been invented, and Paypal wouldn’t exist. Just to name a few.

Death To The Ego
Be confident, celebrate your wins, but don’t be an asshole. Life can take you from the top to rock bottom in the blink of an eye.



Good design is a timeless solution to complex problems. It is the by-product of detailed research, playful exploration, and continuous refinement. It is considerate and focuses both on the impact it has on its users, and its potential environmental and social implications. Design should be timeless and can only deliver results reflective of the time and resources given to it. Good design is considerate of the short-term but focused on the long-term, and should not need a complete redesign every few years.



I was a child with a head the size of a melon, and one that moved frequently. New schools, new friends, new possibilities. As I grew, so too did my aspirations. A Beyblade and Yu-Gi-Oh Master; Musician; Architect; Swimmer; Designer; Teacher; Golfer; Jackie Chan. I drew future house plans and “designed” awful custom cars using Microsoft Word. I was bad at maths but incredibly quick at solving puzzles. You might have even thought of me as naturally bright. That is until I tell you that I once choked on an ice cube.

A tough upbringing, a complicated family relationship, and being kicked out at 16; I’ve dealt with and learned a lot from my younger years. I don’t let them hold me down. I instead use them as a wealth of fuel and knowledge, tapping into it when I need an answer or a driving force to push forward. Coffee also helps… and funny videos.

With college and university wrapped up, and five months of industry experience under my belt, I went freelance at the end of 2017. I made many mistakes but always delivered. I have paid the price for believing in my future — I’ve starved, cried, and considered quitting more times than I can remember. Despite all of those sacrifices, it was worth it.

Today, I’m a self-titled “International Designer” — a designer traveling the world solving one problem at a time. My journey has led me to Belgium, Germany, Czechia, Austria, Croatia, and Ukraine, working with clients internationally. In short, I’m living my dream. I want to prove to others and, more importantly, my two little sisters that they can do anything.